HANARO Conversation #1


  • Sunwoo’s curiosity & passion for VC was ignited by winning $100 in a pitch competition. You heard it here first — one day when Sunwoo is running a VC empire, we’ll look back and know it started with $100
  • The desire amongst Gen Z to build and create is strong — all of Sunwoo’s friends have mentioned wanting to run their own business one day. The gig economy may have a part to play here as it’s shown that you can hustle outside of your normal job.
  • Gen Z VCs is a community designed to make the VC space more accessible — creating value for the most amount of people vs. setting artificial exclusiveness.
  • Gen Z VCs community members have met co-founders, best friends, and investors through the community Slack, and there are many initiatives to create sub-communities to further enhance value for the members of the community.
  • The best way for non Gen Z folks to help the Gen Z VCs community is to……hire them! Lots of activities on the Gen Z VCs job board on Pallet

The Full Conversation

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